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The restaurant

You can find us in the historic city center of Rome, in the heart of the Sant’Eustachio neighborhood, few minutes from Campo dei Fiori, Piazza Navona and Pantheon. Aside from the inside dining room and the dehor the restaurant has a small wine room in the lower level: an ideal location for intimate events, such as private dinners or food and wine tasting experiences.

It is an ideal location for any time of day. You can choose among our various appetizers and tapas, come in for lunch or dinner, both a la carte or through one of the Chef tasting menus.

We offer a selection of organic wines from independent wine makers, from French and Italian sparkling wines to white, red, national, and international wines by the glass or by the bottle. Come for an aperitivo at lunch or dinner. A selection of Spirits awaits.

53 untitled restaurant

The Kitchen

53 Untitled is aiming to convey the spirit of its chef Cecilia Moro. It is possible to find both traditional and modern cuisines with innovative dishes, pairings and use of unusual ingredients. Fresh fish, meat from sustainable farming, unique selection of cheeses and charcuterie, seasonal vegetables and a few international products, all from selected ethical suppliers.

Our menu is constantly evolving and it combines Roman cuisine with a personal interpretation from our chef, all while remaining true to the comfort flavors from her heritage.

Lo staff

Cecilia Moro
Cecilia Moro

Cecilia, produce lover. Since her teens she has had an extreme curiosity towards cooking. This passion has led her to get lost in numerous cities, work experiences, people and flavors. She believes in technique, without giving up on instinct. She sees cooking as a form of art and hopes to share her experimentation with you, She awaits you at the 53.

Mariangela Castellana
Wine Lovers

Mariangela loves wine and good drinking. She is always looking for a story behind the glass. And it’s a story that she hopes to tell you and pour in your glasses. She has attended several training courses and is convinced they cannot convey the poetry that is in a glass, be it wine or beer or other wonderful Spirits that we hope to share with you. She awaits you at the 53.

Andrea Riva
Sous Chef

Andrea is passionate about the cooking world since he was very young. He grew up working in important locations in Milan and he has dedicated himself to the planning world. He loves living his life to the fullest. He looks for the same strong emotions when cooking, working with lots of determination, fun and a necessary amount of lightheartedness. He awaits you at the 53.

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